What I could tell about these two right from the beginning was that they were already deeply committed to each other. That this crazy, fun, epic wedding would be merely making it official. With two beautiful babies in tow at every meeting, they weren't there to muck around. Ashley being who she is - a leader, utterly determined, strong and beautiful and an absolutely brilliant mother - knew what she wanted. Angus being who he is - laid back, endearing, hilariously funny, inherently good, and again, an absolute brilliant father - was happy to go with the flow. I'm not going to lie, this was a great combination! 

As a couple, I could feel where there energy's and qualities overlapped. They knew how to have fun. This was important in designing their day. They were both socially relaxed, both incredibly sentimental, and both loved & were loved deeply by their close knit family & friends. Spending a full two days at the property setting up meant I truly got to see how close knit this community of people were. It was difficult to see where the family stopped & the friends begun. They were always around, always helping, sandwiches being made, wine being poured, flower girls helping create anything flower related. Best men hung lights, fathers drilled much needed holes & screws into walls, mothers always making me feel part of the magic. It was very special. And as they deserved, as this bohemian backyard love fest took shape, it became the couple & all that loved them.

Initially everything was to set up outside, the crazy big lounge room only being used in case of rain. And of course the rain came. But hey, I love a challenge! As do the Coopers! The whole first 24 hours was spent gutting every room in the house, making way for the ceremony set up which would become the dance floor, the luxe and boozed up bar, the pallet wall flower installed photo booth and finally, the game of thrones inspired banquet table! Two tents set up on the lawn in the backyard were made into a Persian inspired she-sha lounge & grazing table & mood setting bohemian lounges were scattered around the garden for late night chats. 

As it was a backyard wedding set in a gloriously lush & tropical backyard, I decided foliage & greenery would be unnecessary, instead spending the budget on bountiful blooms of pinks, whites & burgundy. Brass, gold & amber treasures styled every room, every surface, working together with the chandeliers, draped fabric & rattan basket pendants, ultimately setting the scene for the bohemian luxe backyard loved up extravaganza that took place. 

The next day I went back & helped create bouquets from the flowers used for all that helped. I was sent home with more styling treasures then I got there with, two rings & a silver bangle (gifts from the bride & MOTG) and an endless supply of succulents that came from MOTG's mothers garden. I felt so much that this wedding made me a richer & more positive person, and if you could believe it, made me believe in the power of love & the concept of magic even more than I already did.

Finally the photography is by the ever talented Thomas Stewart who really brings out the love in the room.