Timeless Romance | Tamara & Jesse

I met this bride in person at our site inspection. From many previous emails I had worked out that Tamara’s wedding would be pretty, pink, bohemian & romantic. Tamara & her fiance’s love was obvious & cute. They clearly respected one another & were just as clearly excited for their future. But it wasn’t until I met this sweet, soft, elegant & understated beauty that I really visualised her & her loves day. I remembered her slight apprehension when I explained in great detail her bridal table installation. She reallllly wanted to be totally on board but I could sense she was worried it would be a little over the top. In my world I believe ‘more is more is more’ so sensing this worry & knowing I would need to rein it in a little was in itself a challenge. But chatting with her & her BMoH I truly gained some perspective. She may not have been about OTT WOW factor but certainly loved abundance, intricacy & an overall feel. She would rather the look be entirely captured throughout the whole room than a show stopping bridal & less is more guests tables. She was a giver, someone who wanted everyone to feel & experience the magic. She was also a little reserved & not the kind of bride that demanded the attention. I realised this when we broached the subject of her bridal bouquet. She wanted it bountiful but not too big with a few pops delicate refined blooms & didn’t want it to swamp her. I personally believe that a bridal bouquet is the perfect reflection of the bride’s personality. I decided in that moment that her bouquet would be a slightly smaller take on what I would usually do, ensuring I used an abundance of various pretty garden roses in various shades of pink & apricot with pops of white & earl grey, wisps of trailing jasmine, whimsical in shape with a rarity of green. It was to be a tidy take on bohemian with the wild factor removed yet still ethereal at heart & heart stoppingly beautiful. This quick yet effective thought is what would go onto ring true throughout the whole design.

As it was a smaller budget, we decided to opt for a heavier table styling package so we could use the blooms on every second table & allow those arrangements to make a proper statement! A flawless combination of brassware & cut glass were used in addition to blush silk table runners draped & gathered across each table to create the bohemian yet pretty & whimsical vibe. Clustering each type per table & layering in a few stems continued the look throughout the room. The arrangements were an extension of the bridal bouquet, beautiful, bountiful & cascading with a refined feel. Although I did add a few stems of vines to create a little drama & height to help fill the room. But it truly was the bridal table that helped the room go from beautiful to Holy Moly WOW. The table was quite long with white cloths & a not so romantic beige/brown curtain behind it. There was a desperate need for some luxe & romance, enter silk fabric draped along the front in an evocative fashion, stage right. I then created pockets of styling stories with branches of delicate greenery sitting amongst them. The couple would then be framed by a backdrop made of our ‘Star Gazer’ brass lace arbour adorned in endless blooms & organically shaped branches. In front of the couple was an installation made up of fleur’s only, whimsical in design, leaving only enough space for styling treasures to be woven throughout. I have a small collection of blush coloured glassware that I don’t get to use very often but this was the perfect opportunity! Erect a string of festoons for bohemian goodness, place almost too many candles in styling treasures & bobsyouruncle, incredible bridal table done! 

Overall it was a wedding of epic & timeless beauty & feel overwhelmingly privileged to be part of it!

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 6.24.19 pm.png
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