Planning an Event or Wedding? Here are few questions that people often ask!

When should I start looking at floristry for my wedding or event?
Ideally you should consider 8-10 months in advance, that way we can develop a budget, theme and ensure that everything is organised in time. Saying that, I have been given much shorter time frames and don’t mind a challenge! 

When should I book my consultation?
As soon as you have an idea of the style of wedding you are after and the venue has been decided. 

How does the type of venue effect the ultimate design of my wedding? 
We are super lucky in Australia to have a unbelievable variety of breath taking venues. Typically the easiest to deal with are out of city as you usually get the venue for the whole weekend and we subsequently get tons of time to make crazy magic happen. Often city based venues have tight bump in times and this definitely effects the end product. For example, If you want incredible installations on a 2 hour bump in time, we are going to need a HUGE team to get this done. And generally I hate rushing beautiful creative pieces! This is inclusive of styling, floral, the lot!  If your heart is set on a city based venue, ask them straight away about bump in times, if they have other weddings booked either side that may effect your bump in etc. In my experience also try to staying away from restaurants as they will usually want to run a lunch service mere hours before you are due to sit down to eat. Some venues will sometimes give you the option to book the room for the day of the wedding as well as the evening for a smallish fee which will end up ultimately saving you money on extra staff.

The type of venue you choose is SO important not only for the aesthetics & design, but the overall feeling of the day. It acts as the blank canvas to create your unique masterpiece! Again, ask yourselves if it represents you as a couple. Are you an inner city hipster couple? Go with a cool city based urban space. Do you feel most connected when you’re in mother nature? Go for a clear ceiling marquee in a clearing near your favourite waterfall. Want to have a 3 day wedstival with all your favourite people? Find a kick arse venue that lends itself for 4 days and allows you to BYO everything. The venue is the starting point for the entire design process and general wedding planning will be so much easier if you choose the one that suits you and gets you the most excited.

Some of my most favourite all time venues are just on the South Coast of NSW!

What do I need for my consultation?
I really like to have your pinterest board at least a few days prior to our meeting, so I can have the time to really take in what you are attracted to. Other than that, bring images, inspiration, an open mind & venue info regarding bump in times!  

Who should I bring to my consultation?
Anyone you feel comfortable with and supported by! Also make sure to leave anyone that may railroad you at home. This is truly about you & your love. Thats it. 

What happens at my consultation?
This is where the magic happens. By this point I will have an idea as to what you are attracted to but this is my opportunity to get to know you & understand who you & your lover are. We will brain storm & talk honestly & openly about what you have been dreaming about for your big day. By the end of the meeting I will have a vision and all I will need to do is put it all out on paper, mood board included & send it off to you within the week following. If you are happy we can go ahead & book it all in! If you have any reservations at all, I’m happy to work on the design until you are 100% happy! 

When do you need a deposit by?
As soon as we are both satisfied with the design brief and you want to book in your day I will require a 50% deposit. The remaining 50% will need to be paid 2 weeks prior to the day! 

Do you have a minimum spend?
Minimum of $5k for weddings. 

Do you offer packages?
If you go ahead with both floral design & styling & spend over $6k, I like to offer my brides a 10% discount on styling items.

Do you hire out styling items, furniture or lighting for DIY events?
Yes we do! Take a look at our page here or get in touch if you already have an idea of what you require.

Are there certain things I can only get seasonally?
Unfortunately the nature of floristry is dictated by mother nature, so some flowers, foliage and greenery is only available in particular seasons. Sometimes we are able to source it out of season, but this may incur a higher price.