Maddy & Darren; opposites that have fallen in love and subsequently completed one another. I don’t mean this in the tacky way that is written about in ‘Your Getting Married cards’, but in a way that through being with one another, have become the best versions of themselves. 

Maddy is unbelievably poised & intelligent yet breathtakingly down to earth. Darren is a ‘bloke’, hilarious & driven yet wears his heart on his sleeve. He has softened her, she has made him braver. 

As in every wedding I design, the couples unique love needs to shine through, inspiring the vibe, the feel, the look. Maddy & Darren as a couple are down to earth, honest, strong & hopelessly in love. Maddy is attracted to vintage treasures & rustic beauty. And Darren, well, he is attracted to anything that makes Maddy happy. Darren only desires were to ensure there was scrumptious food, epic music, fabulous booze & endless good times. Tick, tick, tick!

The venue choice always has a sway with design. Bundanoon Trust, Riversdale Property. Sleek & modern with an industrial feel. The architecture of this beauty is, in one word; EPIC. Set amongst bountiful hills of endless green, overlooking an incredible river, it would be hard to make it look bad! Design wise, it offered a clean canvas, ready to do whatever we pleased.

In the end it was a layered masterpiece consisting of rustic timber pieces, romantic lighting, white floral combined with natives & greenery, organic table runners, fresh yet whimsical unstructured floral arrangements that sat amongst a vintage & somewhat retro table-scape. It was important to keep it soft & romantic yet clean & classic!

If you're interested in recreating this style for your own event or wedding, get in touch!