Whisking myself away to visit my mum & sister in the ever enchanting Snowy Mountains has got to be one of the better things I’ve done for myself of late. Having left my hard drive full of ongoing projects at home, I accidentally found myself free to spend time with my crazy/beautiful 1 year old, drink endless wine with my mum & work on extra curricular creative idea’s with my sister, all sans the inevitable guilt that comes with being a working mum.

At the beginning of my stay, Merceedes and I started chatting about her dream bedroom. And as the days went on, our concept seem to mutate into something that looked a little like 70’s record cover. At 16, Merceedes’ sense of self & style is enviable to say the least. Her fearlessness & her excitement in embracing anything slightly off kilter is glorious! She doesn’t care what people think & would honestly give anything a go. She trusts me implicitly too, which I love (and take advantage of!?) all a bit too much! 

As it’s a rented apartment, we could’t hang anything, hammer anything into the wall or tear anything down, so we had to think outside of the box. Working with flora, I have a huge obsession with branches. I convinced Merceedes that this had to be the backbone of the project, the whimsical part of her personality being celebrated! So that was it. Branch hunting along the lake took place, and being spoilt for choice we ended up hugely successful in our findings. 

Next up was her love of anything retro. We also needed to inject a bit of luxe & colour. A date at Cooma op shop served us incredibly well and we left with an unbelievable amount of treasures for a minimal amount of coins. Such a good feeling! 

In the end a combination of luxe vintage velvet & silk throw pillows, 70’s copper pressed plates, a bohemian black & white throw for her bed, various old records, a vintage bamboo head board & retro AF dark timber & clay styling bits worked together flawlessly with the branches & my sister was a very happy lady. 

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