A week before their wedding I found myself sitting across from Beth & Ben over breakie. I couldn’t help a feeling of nostalgia wash over me as I reminisced of my husband Dave & I, a week out from our wedding. Loved up, excited, nervous, with an overall feeling of contentedness washing off of us, onto everyone around us. 

They were at such ease with one another, yet stared adoringly at one another every few moments. Love. I just love it. It’s a breath taking reminder of why I do what I do. 

Previous to our breakie I had spoken at lengths to Beth, who made the entire design process incredibly easy. She wanted the wedding to reflect them; Fun, colourful, quirky & romantic. Other than that, the details were up to me. 

I saw their wedding quite quickly and clearly in my mind - I saw retro. I know Clare from Fleur & Threads personally and knew she would create something colourful, bold and quirky, so it was a case of making sure our visions met up flawlessly. She was opting for small bursts of tropical foliage, deep pinks, orange, burnt orange & purple - ‘colourful’ covered! With this I saw retro shapes, many shades of gold, endless candles, festive festoon lighting & the brides only other request, working in some hessian bursts! I hadn’t worked with hessian for ages, but decided if we were going to use it, we had to do it in a refreshing way and stay far away from the hessian runners of the past. I decided instead to throw wide pieces across the table, letting them work as a base to the glorious tablescapes that emerged. 

For the ceremony, I wanted to maintain the retro vibes & gold hues but also wanted the set up to reflect the water side space the couple had had their hearts set on. I added our seaside pine arch, timber tea chest & shell chandeliers (which have massively retro vibes too, tick tick) to bring the look together. 

I have to admit, I hung around & spied on the ceremony and let that glorious feeling of nostalgia wash all over me. 

All photography is by the incredible Jimmy Raper, who perfectly captures the loved up vibe of Beth and Ben, and truly showcases how unique their special day was. 

If you're interested in recreating this style for your own event or wedding, get in touch!

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