One of the proudest moments of my professional life was being told I was to be featured in Modern Wedding Magazine yearly styling handbook as one of the top 25 wedding stylists in the country. To be recognised for my work on Bohemian Blooms, my (other) baby's first year is an absolute privilege & a hugely humbling experience. The decision to go out on my own was largely down to becoming a mum & has grown organically along side my new found confidence at being a mama. Beautiful the way those two sacred things will forever be intertwined. 💫💫💫 A very grateful thank you to everyone that has supported me, in particular my ever patient husband Mr Malacrida, my sister from another mother Ashta, the woman I draw my strength from, GoGo, my wonderful sister Misty, my stupidly generous brother Jai, my better creative half Fleur and Threads & my most hipster love @_ninasky . SO much love! 

Modern Wedding styling guide came out this week, call by your nearest newsagency to grab a copy now and check out all the other incredible people transforming Wedding Styling and Design! Or take a look at their sneak peek blog post here.

Modern Wedding top 25 stylist Bohemian Blooms wedding
Modern Wedding top 25 stylist
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